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A love note to Fall.

I L O V E this time of year. Those of you who’ve known me a while will also know that for me, this is the juiciest season of all with all its intensity and heightened sensuality.

The long passionate kiss of golden hour that leaves us begging for more. The raw bitter-sweet earthy scents and decaying textures. The darkness inviting us inside to return to ourselves and savour the pitch of night. S o f t  / d a r k  / m o i s t  / f e r a l. There’s an alluring and intoxicating energy that’s hard to beat.

It's nature's lesson in slowness, stillness, nowness. A practice in mindfulness that teaches us gratitude for what we’ve had and appreciation for where we are at. A time for reflection, it holds a mirror up to us to show us what we need to leave behind in order to move forward more empowered; as well as being a period of contemplation, this window is also a catalyst for change.

It’s a time I relish and along with the deeper soul work, I usually feel the call to explore my kinks, journey into fantasy and celebrate the dark vampy feminine within. Exploring our primordial essence and owning all facets of our sexuality is life affirming in a time we so often associate with death and endings.

The darkness doesn’t have to be dull; in the shadows we have the opportunity to discover and integrate the aspects which aren't so obvious, so consumable, so readily available. We live in a world of duality, in order to have day, there must be a night, in order to have rebirth, there must be a death.  It's a portal into the lower bass frequencies that we don’t always have the bandwidth to hear or capacity to deal with.

So yes, we’re descending into darkness, sometimes it will feel as if the night is infinite, but during this time I invite you to explore the distorted, misshapen, unpretty, raw aspects of yourself. Witness your flaws and your darkness without judgement. Have fun with it. From chaos comes creativity. 


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