Anwers To Your Burning Questions

Anwers To Your Burning Questions

Answering your questions and the topics I'm most asked about...
Why do you call them pleasure tools not sex toys?

You can call them sex toys but I feel the term pleasure tools are more fitting. They are sex toys reimagined... And redesigned to give pleasure in and beyond the bedroom; they are art and pleasure combined.  Beautiful to look at and lovely to use for both intimate pleasure and massage. They are made from porcelain, which believe it or not, is strong, durable and adapts quickly to temperature to add some subtle sensations through temperature play to the mix. I make my pieces several times thicker than conventional ceramic pieces and fire to incredibly high temperatures to ensure the tensile strength (check my FAQs for more details.)

Shame and pleasure; why I created this growing collection of tools.

I wanted to create something that removed some of the shame associated with masturbation. I’m passionate about art, design, ceramics, beautiful natural materials and pleasure.

When I began designing and making pleasure tools back in 2006, it was still all about crude plastic and silicone designs in gaudy colours. The Rampant Rabbit was the most advanced device out there and I felt the market didn’t cater for people like me. I enjoy using nice, well-designed objects crafted from good quality, natural materials but the market seemed to be a sea of ‘disco-dick' vibrators. There was nothing I connected with that made self-pleasure feel like a sensual experience and and emotional and energetic connection are big parts of a sensual experience for me.

Not my vibe. Is it true you don't like vibrators?

Not everyone is into vibrators either; personally I find them way too intense. I dabble occassionaly but it always seems to affirm what I've already concluded and I end up reverting to my analogue favourites.  Many products on the market focus on getting you off as quickly as possible, but for me, pleasure is a journey. I wanted to make tools that were approachable, helped you gain confidence in exploring your body, your likes and dislikes, were a pleasure to interact with, and were created with attention to detail in natural, body-safe materials.

Why are looks important?

It was very important to me that these tools were beautiful to look at too in a bid to elevate self pleasure and reduce the stigma around masturbation too... Something that you wouldn't mind leaving on your bedside table; as well as being enjoyable to use I wanted them to celebrate sexuality and pleasure in their own way.

Sexual health is more than a physical state, it encompasses mental, social and emotional wellness too so I hope that my pieces encourage users to take their pleasure seriously and make time for play.

Beyond self-pleasure, I've received feedback from countless couples who say that they feel less taboo introducing my products into their sex life as they feel they enhance intimacy and encourage discussions on what feels good. The fact that they are designed to be attractive as well as functional helps to minimise the sense of shame a lot of us have around performance and introducing pleasure products to your sex life.

What is conscious production?

All my pieces are made to order or produced in small batches by hand (not on a production line), I consciously and ethically source natural materials from local suppliers and use an energy efficient Eco Kiln. I try to take an environmentally centred approach to production as I possibly can. I also made a commitment to only use recyclable, reusable and compostable packaging from natural and sustainable origins.

Unlike plastics, silicone and electrical sex toys, porcelain is non-porous, doesn’t degrade over time, and will last a lifetime if it is treated with care. I’ve had to make challenging decisions in some areas but I feel that I've made the best and most informed choices that I can while supporting my values as a designer-maker and individual who is passionate about the environment.

What makes these pieces a luxury item?

There are many factors that make these products luxury to different audiences but for me, it’s the time factor. My products aren’t bling, but the making process takes a couple of weeks end-to-end to make and when it comes down to it, time is our greatest luxury.

What is eco sex and sustainable pleasure?

To me, eco sex is education and responsible consumerism. Making intentional purchases that have minimal impacts and align with your values.  Ask yourself questions like; Is this a product for life? Does its longevity outweigh any other impacts?

Very few things are fully sustainable yet there is a huge amount of green washing to lead you to believe that they are. Any item that is being made new is going to be using energy and resources to create it. Consider all the options and make the best choice possible based on what is available to you and fulfils your needs. You may not be able to make the perfect choice every time but you can make an informed and intentional decision and a little effort goes a long way.

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