Sensual Stocking Fillers: a guide to the best small but perfectly formed treats.

Sensual Stocking Fillers: a guide to the best small but perfectly formed treats.

Sensuous Stocking Fillers


I've selected some of my favourite things to give you some inspiration for last minute stocking fillers. Prices range from £4.25 to £100 so there is bound to be something for everyone... 

Scent is one of the most primal and powerful of all the senses. It's intimate, it's sensual, it's sacred and it's something I incorporate into my daily routine to help me connect with my body. 

Japanese incense is in my opinion one of the best forms of incense. Aloeswood Incense (£8.50), pictured, is deep and sensuous with subtle waves of camphor, hints of exotic patchouli and calming sandalwood. These incense sticks have no bamboo core and are made with pure, natural ingredients for a refined scent and minimal smoke when burned. 

Another of my personal favourites for meditation and clearing is Palo Santo (£4.25). Palo santo is a tree that’s native to Peru and Ecuador. It grows in dry tropical forests and produces very fragrant resin but only when it has fallen and been left to age for 4-7 years. The name palo santo means “holy" or "Sacred" wood. For thousands of years, the wood, resin, and oil have been used for medicinal and spiritual purposes by indigenous peoples. It is used to treat pain and stress as well clearing negative energy.

The Bursera graveolens variety of Palo Santo has a warm, sensual, woody base with uplifting citrus notes and is believed to calm the body’s immune and nervous systems, quiet the mind and enhance creativity. Palo Santo like many other indigenous plants, herbs and practices has been exploited in recent years so you should check the provenance before purchasing and use with respect.

Our Palo Santo is sustainably harvested from fallen lumber which has been aged for 4-7 years by a small independent supplier who supports reforestation and sustainable livelihood programmes.

Sex, whether solo or partnered is always better with ample lubrication but finding a good one that doesn't have unnecessary ingredients or cheap fillers AND performs is a challenge. My pet hate is when they quickly transform from lush and slick to an unsexy, sticky, claggy mess. I've been looking for one that fits the bill for a long time now and had almost given up hope for a good water based one when I found Roam (thanks to a friend); Roam create natural lubricants in beautiful packaging that really work. I love the water based For the Front lubricant (£25). It's has a lovely silky texture, longevity during use and the packaging and presentation make this product a joy to use. Just to be clear, this is not a paid or sponsored ad, this is a personal recommendation based purely on my experiences. I'm a fan.

Often overlooked, the porcelain MASSAGE tool available in black / white or pink / white (£100). This cute little form is perfect for facial lymphatic drainage massage, vulval or perineum massage or just about anywhere else... Heat the tool in warm water or cool water to introduce temperature play - tip - use it gently cooled around the eyes to reduce puffiness after a late night.

Sweetly Smoked and Silver Tip loose and lovely teas from Aphroteasiacs are a revelation. I tried them for the first time at the Aphroteasiacs launch earlier this month and I love the concept and experience of these delicate and evocative loose leaf teas. Prices start at £25 and are the perfect gift for the sober curious lover in your life.

My Shunga Decorations sprung from my love of erotic Japanese shunga and the bawdy, subversive humour they express. I decided to explore my own interpretation with these minimal salacious cameos. The result is these super cute glazed stoneware decorations with enamel decals. There are 5 illustrations to choose from and prices start at £8.50.

Meditate + Masturbate (AKA the Mantra) Tote. A personal reminder of the two things that can help us all stay rooted and maintain a sense of self during uncertain times. Priced at £19.50 (also available as a tee shirt) this heavyweight woven tote bags is made from 80% Recycled Cotton, 20% Recycled Polyester is 300gsm in weight. The tote bag features folded clean finish edges and long handles with reinforced cross stitch. The sides are gusseted for extra space. This is my go to bag - its big enough for multiple parcels for my post runs / serious grocery shopping (it holds about the same amount as two regular sized totes) / large enough for all your gym gear / pleasure tools. Who doesn't love a practical gift? 

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