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Adele Brydges



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Inspired by the Shunga block prints of 18th century artist Hokusai, the MARLENE PHALLUS is an ode to the flow of line and curve.  A statement objet d’art and unapologetic totem, this piece is designed to be fully functional with a curve to stimulate A and G erogenous zones and Prostate.  Additional sensations can be introduced by warming or cooling to a desired temperature in water.  *THIS ITEM IS PRE-SALE - item ships in 4-6 weeks*

~ Cool, weighty, firm, and smooth

~ Natural materials

~ Thick cast and vitrified to increase durability

~ Hypoallergenic

~ Fully immersible in water

~ Warm up or cool down in water to experiment with temperature

~ Can be used with any lubricant or natural oil.

~ Hand made to order.

~ Available in Black and white or Nude pink and white porcelain marble.

~ Available in Black and white or Nude and white porcelain marble.

 ~ All sales final. 

Porcelain specifications:

Length: 152 | Height: 132mm | Circumference: 106 - 131mm (196mm at base) | Depth: 28 to 56mm (narrowest to widest point)

All measurements are approximate as each piece, is made to order from natural materials. The porcelain shrinkage rate and handmade nature of these objects mean that sizes and weights can vary slightly from piece to piece but the fluctuation isn't too drastic.





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