As Above So Below FAQS

Is this journey for me? 
If you’ve found yourself here then hello and welcome :)  this journey is definitely for you.

Why are lunar cycles and astrological archetypes important?

Aligning with the lunar cycles supports our current evolution from linear and growth-focused society to nurturing cyclical way of living. The moon is the representation of the Feminine in our skies and therefore helping us to connect with our feminine essence. 

Astrological archetypes provide a beautiful tool to learn more about all the different aspects of your own being. They provide a portal through which we can travel to meet parts of ourselves we have forgotten about or didn’t even know existed, and bring them into our daily lives.

What's special about Scorpio Season?

Scorpio Season is the time when we are supported by the energy of Feminine Water. Scorpio helps us to travel downwards, into the undercurrents of our soul and psyche. Her mission is to emerge with gold, show us our truth and heal our wounds. Therefore, working with shadow and sexuality, pleasure and feminine mystery is especially potent at this time.

What is shadow work? 

Shadow work involves getting in touch with the parts of ourselves that we've repressed. It's also referred to as our dark side, shadow self, low frequency or lower expressions... Shadow work involves diving into the unconscious material that shapes our thoughts, emotions, and behaviours in order to expose and process them. These unconscious aspects can be responsible for our impulsive behaviours and a part of the lower truths and expressions of ourselves that can result from painful experiences and memories. It's the part of ourselves that obstructs us from knowing our higher selves but through awareness and acknowledgment can lead us to integrate all parts of ourselves.

I can’t make the zoom live, how do I catch up? 

The recordings will be available via teachable and will be available to rewatch during the journey and for 4 weeks after the journey.

What is a pleasure manifestation practice?

In a nutshell its sex magic (aka sex magik) is an ancient manifestation practice that amplifies your intentions with the energetic power of an orgasm. It’s a form of sacred sexuality that connects our physical forms with the ~astral plane~. A solo pleasure manifestation practice can remind us of our own inherent power, our ability to heal ourselves, and our worthiness to receive.  It enables you to expand your and enhance your ability to hold energies of pleasure, power and abundance. When you are in the pleasure state you are an open channel, connecting to source, bliss and the most pure form or energy and source of creativity - life force energy. At the end of the journey we’ll be sharing an audio guided pleasure practice to assist you in your new practice

I don’t know my birth time, can I still do the 1:1?

Yes you can. Merilyn will guide you through the process for this prior to your session.

What about my location? If I'm in Australia can I still join? 

Yes! All the online workshops will be available on teachable the following day after each live online session and for up to 4 weeks after the journey. So no matter where you are in the world, you’ll be able to join us in cyberspace. You’ll also be able to organise an online session with Adele to remotely create your intentional pleasure tool if you can’t attend the in person workshop. Just be sure to select the Silver or Platinum Paths when you sign up.

Can I do the workshop without the pleasure tool component? 

No, this is a vital manifestation stage of this journey - bridging your intentional work with a physical object.

This is a big investment for me. Are there any ways to split the cost? 

Yes. We realise that is a significant financial commitment for some but we want to ensure that this journey is accessible. We offer the option to pay in 3 interest free instalments via Klarna over 60 days. Just make sure you select Klarna at the checkout. Click here for more information on Klarna.

How will I create my intentional pleasure tool? 

You will be provided with a hand made porcelain pleasure tool created by Adele. You will then be guided to use enamel decal images and custom enamel symbology prints that evoke your intentions.  We have a library of images, symbols and icons for you to choose from and you will also have the opportunity to create some of your own. With guidance you’ll customise your handmade porcelain pleasure tool to create something that is truly personal, powerful and potent. One it has been dried for 24 hours it will be enamel fired and returned to you via post. If you are in the UK / can attend the 4th workshop in person to decorate your own pleasure tool - make sure to sign up with the Moonstone or Pearl paths. If you can’t be here in person Adele can create one for you after an online consultation. Make sure you select the Silver or Platinum paths for the remote session.

I’m a man, can I join? 

At this moment, this journey is for female identifying people only. We are doing some deep work around the feminine so need to ensure people feel safe and supported in this space. 

We try to be as inclusive as possible, however some people who attend our workshops are on a journey of sexual self discovery, overcoming sexual trauma or just simply don't feel comfortable creating something intimate in a mixed gender space. Adele began this work as a means to reclaim and celebrate her own sexuality and it's our responsibility to ensure others feel we've created a container safe enough for them to reclaim and celebrate their own.

Why ceramic pleasure tools?

Ceramic is a great material for intimate tools. Porcelain in particular is a very pure clay with a great tensile strength. It's incredibly durable, hypoallergenic, smooth and firm. Adele's pieces are thicker than conventional porcelain products to give you more confidence when using them. They also have a reassuring weightiness to them although they are not quite as heavy as crystal or gemstone pleasure tools.


How are Adele's pleasure tools different from others?

Adele been creating my ceramic sensual tools since 2006. She began her work over 15 years ago there was a sea of Ann Summers plastic and silicon ‘Disco Dicks’ and Rampant Rabbits had just gone viral after being referred to as "Rolls Royce of sex toys" in O, the Oprah Magazine. They were functional and got the job done but lacked sensuality and soul. Adele was one of the first creators in the UK to challenge the trend for mass produced sex toys and mainstream materials and reimagine our relationship to and connection with pleasure tools.

Her work is very personal to her and is as much about her journey and self discovery as it is about her clients'. Each piece is designed and hand crafted by her in her workshop. From the initial sketch to hand sculpted model, to finished porcelain pleasure tool, Adele makes every element with love, care and great attention to detail. She only ever creates in small batches. Each piece is packed and dispatched from her workshop. When you buy one of her pieces, not only are you directly supporting an artist, you help me to continue to create the work I love and spread the powerful message that art and pleasure matters.

What makes these pieces luxury items?

There are many factors that make Adele's sensual tools luxury to different audiences but for her, it’s the time factor. Her tools aren’t ostentatious, but each piece is handcrafted with much care and attention to detail. The making process takes over a week from end-to-end and when it comes down to it, time is the greatest luxury.

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