Creative & Holisitc Wellbeing: Introducing The Becoming by Adele

Image of dappled light in the background. The foreground reads The Becoming Wellbeing

This year I launched my creative and holistic wellbeing services; The Becoming, my sister website. It may seem left-field for some as it's not something I really talk about on here or the gram but it is an undercurrent that is present in most things that I do. Stripped back, my aim in life is to help people connect to themselves and others and feel good in their own skin in one way or another, so perhaps it's not such an abstract development afterall.

For me, pleasure is a vital part of our lives and identity but it's only one slice of the feel-good pie. Sometimes the curve-balls and stresses that life throws at us, coupled with our energetic and emotional baggage can make it hard to fully be ourselves and access our joy and pleasure which is why I founded The Becoming.

All things are interconnected; each of us is a rich tapestry of intricately interwoven threads. Complete healing and genuine wellbeing requires a holistic approach that considers emotions and energetics as well as the body and mind.

My personal interest in holistic and esoteric practices led me to explore alternate ways to support my body, mind and emotions through ancient and contemporary technologies like Kundalini yoga, Human Design, Qi Gong, EFT, IFS, sound and energy therapy. In 2020 I began to study energy work as I truly believe in the power of sublte energy and healing modalities to create real and tangible shifts for people. I am now a qualified Usui Reiki 1 & 2 practitioner and Sound Healing Practitioner fusing and I’m currently working towards my Reiki Master-Teacher certification.

My mindful and intentional creative practice along with my intuative understanding of energy and holistic therapies gives me a unique sensitivity and approach to your concerns and wellbeing goals. It also enables me to support you through periods of change, growth and stagnation.

My vision is to create a community, lifestyle and resources that nourish, support and guide you on your journey to becoming the most aligned, expansive, pleasure-filled AND grounded version of yourself.

You can read what my clients are saying here, view holistic offerings here and book these services here.