Talisman: an object, typically an inscribed ring or stone, that is thought to have magic powers and to bring good luck.

I started a little project this summer just for fun and made some cute charms that were a joy to make and a pleasure to wear. I wear them all the time and have received so many compliments and requests for them that I decided to develop them into a full collection and make them available to purchase.

They’re fun and a little naughty but with a focus on quality materials and premium finishes. The collection consists of 10 hand sculpted, glossy, porcelain charms finished with 22K gold lustre and real baroque seed pearls all on 14K gold filled components.

Each piece has a sentiment for me. I made them as reminders to myself: Ballsy for is my reminder not to shy away. To remember to be myself unapologetically.

Danu is inspired by my Irish Folklore Herritage - she is the god of gods - the martiarch, the one. She represents abundance, earth and fertility.

The Aubrey is inspired by my love for Aburey Beardsley and all his ridiculousness. Lewd, crude but also so hilarious. Its my reminder that there pearls to be found in play.

Yin Yang is balance. Harmony. Connection. Transcending polarity.

Circe is about honouring and nuturing the witch within. Celebrating the knowledge, power, transcendance.

Mushrooms because they are cute as hell and signify health, luck and transformation and to me, curiosity and wonder.

But it doesn't matter what they mean to me, its what they mean to you that matters, whether you just think they're cute and vibe with the aesthetic or you feel inspired to ascribe your own meanings and intentions or adopt some of mine.