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Adele Brydges

Willow Petite Plug

Willow Petite Plug

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Porcelain plug with blue & white willow pattern design.

This design is a timeless classic... The Willow pattern is thought to have been inspired by a Japanese fairy tale of two thwarted lovers immortalised forever as two doves. The whole illustration is rich with symbolism but the love birds are most prominent and can be seen ascending into the heavens together at the top of the design. Willow pattern ceramics grew in popularity from the 1800s as it captured the hearts and minds of western collectors.

This plug is: 

~ Adorned with the classic willow pattern design.

~ Cool, weighty, firm, and silky smooth.

~ Made from thick cast porcelain and vitrified to increase durability

~ Hypoallergenic

~ Fully immersible in water

~ Warm up or cool down in water to experiment with temperature - just run under water.

~ Can be used with any lubricant or natural oil.

Dimensions: Approx 95g Length: 10.5CM | Insertable Length: 5.6 CM | Diameter: 2.8CM (at widest insertable point) 4.8CM across widest part of base | Circumference: 9.2CM (at widest insertable point)

~ Please allow 4 weeks for me to make your order.

 ~ All sales final.

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