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Adele Brydges

TAS Incense Holder • Flint, Peony, Marl or Terra

TAS Incense Holder • Flint, Peony, Marl or Terra

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Hand crafted porcelain incense holder made from pigmented porcelain body.  The TAS incense holder is a conical shape featuring gently sloping curves. Hand cast, high fired and hand polished in our London studio. Diameter: 70mm | Height: 29mm (dimensions are approximate as each piece many vary slightly due to the organic nature of clay and the hand crafting process). 

Choose from:

    • Flint - a deep cool grey
    • Peony - the softest pink
    • Marl - la soft, grey hue with small multicolour flecks (made from our studio reclaim)
    • Terra - a warm earthy orange

I've curated a selection of my favourite Japanese incense sticks, rolls and boxes to accompany these holders. See Incense + Holders to view the whole range.

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