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Adele Brydges

Japanese Aloeswood Incense

Japanese Aloeswood Incense

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Japanese incense is regarded as one of the finest incenses in the world, made from a fusion of aromatic plant material and essential oils. Japanese incense is ideal for meditation, aromatherapy or just creating a calm, chill atmosphere. The incense sticks have no bamboo core and are made with pure, natural ingredients for a refined scent and minimal smoke when burned. 

Aloeswood: Deep and sensuous with subtle waves of camphor, hints of exotic patchouli and calming sandalwood. This cultured scent creates the perfect atmosphere for moments of introspection and meditation. It’s said to open crown chakra, help Qi flow, deter negative energy, and help the user purify emotionally and spirituality. Aloeswood is a rarer essential oil, which makes it highly prized and priced fragrance.

Approx 48 - 50 sticks per roll | Burn Time Per Stick: Approximately 25 Minutes | Length: Approximately 140mm Long | Country of Origin: Japan

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