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Adele Brydges



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The MARLENE Pearls, otherwise known as Ben Wa or Geisha Balls help to tone the pelvic floor and intensify orgasms. Insert into the vagina and use during your Kegel exercises to help tone and develop control of the pelvic floor muscle and improve blood circulation. Over time and with practice, this will intensify orgasms and promote healthy female sex organs.

Sold as a pair - use the large one to begin with and once you've mastered the large pearl progress to the smaller size which will require more control and awareness.

Remove pearls by assuming a squat position and coaxing them from the body using either use your middle or fore finger. Wash with anti-bacterial soap before and after each use.

~ Cool, weighty, firm, and smooth

~ Natural materials

~ Thick cast and vitrified to increase durability

~ Hypoallergenic

~ Fully immersible in water

~ Warm up or cool down in water to experiment with temperature

~ Can be used with any lubricant or natural oil

~ Hand made to order – please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery

~ Available in Black and white or Nude pink and white porcelain marble

~ Strictly for vaginal use only

~ Recommended with MARLENE Drawstring Pouch (sold seperately).



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