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Adele Brydges

The Art of (Self) Pleasure x Cosi's Odyssey - 01.04.23

The Art of (Self) Pleasure x Cosi's Odyssey - 01.04.23

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For this special Dildo Decorating workshop I am teaming up with Cosima Carnegie, the woman behind Cosi’s Odyssey! Cosi's jam is reimagining the ancient world for our modern audiences, to show people how sexy, ridiculous and compelling ancient history really is!

Cosi is especially passionate about the intersection of sexuality, body positivity, art and mythology and aims to make the field of classics more accessible and engaging by popularising archaeology, history and mythology.

We’re putting together an intimate workshop, where you will learn about the history of sex toys and self-pleasure and create your own, utterly unique dildo from a staggering array of enamel decals, including some limited edition prints that channel the symbology and aesthetic of the ancient greeks and roman mythology.  There will be treats, refreshments and an incredibly safe, supportive space.

Need to Know

Date: 01.04.23

Time: 13:00

Venue: The Casting Room E9 5EN

Availability: Limited to 6 places 

Please note that your porcelain pleasure tool will need to be fired in
the kiln before being returned to you. You'll receive your fired piece
in the post within 2 weeks of the event date.

What's Included

  • The sexiest history lesson you've ever had
  • Designer porcelain dildo
  • Enamel Decals and custom prints
  • Kiln Firing
  • Storage pouch
  • Bubbles & light refreshments

What Are Decals?

Decals are printed images made from stable mineral toners, similar to coloured glaze. The toners / enamel are either slikscreen printed on special paper coated in water soluble glue.

The coloured enamel images are then covered with a coating, When the decal is soaked in water, the image releases from the paper and is applied to a glazed surface. They are then dried for 48 hours before being fired in a kiln up to 820 degrees celcius. Once fired these colours will become permanently embeded on top of the glaze of the ware.

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