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Adele Brydges

The DILETTO • Limited Edition BLUE

The DILETTO • Limited Edition BLUE

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A tapered monolith pillar • The obelisk symbolised a petrified ray that penetrated clouds and disperses negative energy forces that accumulate in the form of storms. This ambiguous sensual tool is created to satisfy both aesthetics and desire.

~ Cool, weighty, firm, glossy texture.

~ Thick cast and vitrified to increase durability

~ Hypoallergenic

~ Fully immersible in water

~ Warm up or cool down in water to experiment with temperature

~ Can be used with any lubricant or natural oil.

~ Handmade to order.

~  Limited edition blue & white porcelain marble. Only 2 available 

~ Store in the MARLENE Leather Wrap (sold separately).

~ All sales final.

Porcelain Specifications:

Length: 162mm | Depth: 19 to 28 mm (narrowest to widest point) | Weight: 125g

All measurements are approximate as each piece, is made to order from natural materials. The porcelain shrinkage rate and handmade nature of these objects mean that sizes and weights can vary slightly from piece to piece but the fluctuation isn't too drastic.








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