pleasure + presence

Adele Brydges is a ceramic designer and artist creating porcelain tools, charms and objects that bring pleasure, presence and creativity to our intimate and daily rituals.

The Talisman Collection

A selection of playful hand sculpted porcelain charms to adorn and elevate.... 

  • About Adele

    Like the best experiences, pleasure is a journey, not just a destination...

  • Rituals

    View tools and objects for presence

  • ///ŌYA///

    Adele x NOYAU - Porcelain + Leather accessories.

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Pleasure expands where creativity flows...

My workshops and events use creativity and craft as a way to connect with our sensuality and explore self pleasure. They've been featured in Craft's magazine, Time Out, Marie Clare, Hedonist and FT. Follow the links below for more details.


Workshops + Experiences

Our capacity for pleasure expands when we combine it with intention, connection... 

Smut and Saucers