Period Pleasure 🌹🍓🍒🌶 🌚

Period Pleasure 🌹🍓🍒🌶 🌚

I’ve been chatting to a few friends this week and it turns out that many of us have synced menstrual cycles with the recent new moon, so I thought I’d drop a note on period pleasure and what can make it great...

• It’s OH So Juicy

Let’s face it… More lubrication makes everything better. Period sex can provide this without the need for product. Be prepared and put a towel underneath you so you can relax and enjoy. There’s nothing worse that niggling thoughts about leaking where you don’t want to.

• Alleviates Cramps

100% this. Having sex or self pleasuring during your period may actually help reduce pain. One of the most common PMS symptoms, cramps, are the result of uterine muscle contractions. Orgasms may help release muscle contractions and while producing feel-good endorphins.

• Start Slow

The cervix drops down, dilates a little and becomes harder during menstruation so keep that in mind as it may make you more sensitive to DP. You may not want to go in too firm or deep straight away. Gradually build up to it.

• Increased Libido

This is less likely on the first day of a bleed (I usually just want to hibernate on day 1). But as hormone levels shift, usually day 2 or 3, you can begin to experience a heightened sex drive. I usually feel a surge just before too.

• Period sex is Intimate sex

Period shame is still real for a lot of people. But if you’re open to it, being this comfortable with your body can feel primal, feminine and empowering. Sharing that with someone you trust you can be a rewarding experience.

• Oral

Amen. You can still enjoy oral while your menstruating - give the cl!t some undivided attention.

• Self pleasure

If you don't feel open to having partnered sex during your bleed perhaps its best to have some one  on one time. Relax with a warm aromatic bath or shower and set aside some time to self pleasure. I find it most soothing to warm my porcelain dildo before hand. The warmth feels pleasurable and it can help sooth and aleviate cramps. Use the code RED to receive 11% off my favourite designs for period pleasure: the Hot + Cold Dildo or Diletto.

Are you into period pleasure? If you menstruate, do you track your menstrual cycle? Have you noticed if yours syncs with the moon? I’m curious to know who else out there is seeing these patterns emerge. If you're out of sync with your cycle I would really recommend tracking your cycle with an app - I find something quite calming and reassuring to be able to see certain patterns start to emerge both within myself and with the outer world.

Some of my fave period apps, resources and products:

Stardust - Stardust is a new cycle tracker based on lunar - menstrual synchronicity ... Stardust integrates science, astronomy and artificial intelligence to connect - I use this app myself.

Flo health - lo is a health app that provides menstruation tracking, cycle prediction, and information concerning preparation for conception, pregnancy, early motherhood and menopause.

Dame - Sustainable period products

Rasberry Leaf Tea : Raspberry leaf tea contains tannins and fragarine which help with PMS symptoms like cramping, vomiting, diarrhea, and nausea. But it also helps balance our hormones (alleviating major PMS mood swing symptoms). It's also a period cramp tea. Like chamomile tea, it is a muscle relaxer that can reduce uterine contractions - not recommended for use if you are pregnant.

Red School - A radical new approach to women's health, creativity, leadership and spiritual life. Not just for people who bleed.... Also for those adjusting to a new post menopause rhythm.

Period Power by Masie Hill - Period Power is a profound but practical blueprint for aligning daily life with the menstrual cycle.


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