Why ceramic?

Ceramic is a great material for intimate tools. Porcelain in particular is a very pure clay with a great tensile strength. It's incredibly durable, hypoallergenic, smooth and firm. My pieces are thicker than conventional porcelain products to give you more confidence when using them. They also have a reassuring weightiness to them although they are not quite as heavy as crystal or gemstone pleasure tools.

Won't it break?

Ceramic has been used since time immemorial. We have a connection with this material unlike any other. Take a moment to consider all its incredible applications... From the teacup you drink your morning tea or coffee in, the lavatory that you sit on, hip replacement components, dental fillings, the protective coverings on NASA spacecraft (due to its excellent thermal shock value and durability) to the phenomenal artworks of Grayson Perry, and sex toys. Ceramic is versatile, strong and beautiful. Clay is formed from natural materials and has been tried and tested as medium for centuries.

How are your pleasure tools different from others?

I’ve been creating my ceramic sensual tools since 2006. When I began my work over 15 years ago there was a sea of Ann Summers plastic and silicon ‘Disco Dicks’ and Rampant Rabbits had just gone viral after being reffered to as "Rolls Royce of sex toys" in O, the Oprah Magazine. They were functional and got the job done but lacked sensuality and soul. I was one of the first creators in the UK to challenge the trend for mass produced sex toys and mainstream materials and reimagine our relationship to and connection with pleasure tools.

My work is very personal to me and is as much about my journey and self discovery as it is about my clients. Each piece is designed and hand crafted by me in my workshop. From the initial sketch to hand sculpted model, to finished porcelain pleasure tool, I make every element with love, care and great attention to detail. I only ever create in small batches. Each piece is packed and dispatched by me from my workshop. When you buy one of my pieces, not only are you directly supporting an artist, you help me to continue to create the work I love and spread the powerful message that art and pleasure matters.

Why don't you make vibrators?

I love slow sex and it's so underated in today's goal oriented, performace and efficiency based world. Pleasure is a journey, not a destination; when we slow down and are mindful and intentional in our actions, we become more receptive to a host of subtle, tactile sensations and experiences and create space to foster a deeper connection and understanding of our bodies and our desires.

What makes these pieces luxury items?

There are many factors that make my sensual tools luxury to different audiences but for me, it’s the time and attenton to detail thats taken when I make each piece. I consider myself and artist and a maker; I never mass produce and each piece is designed, developed and made by me. I have developed a special casting process to achieve a weight and finish that is unique and difficult to replicate.

My tools aren’t ostentatious, but each piece is handcrafted with much care by one person, not a production line. The making process takes a couple of week end-to-end, sometimes even longer over colder or damper weather periods. When it comes down to it, time is the greatest luxury we have.

I heard you can change the temperature. What's the deal?

The porcelain will feel cool to the touch but don't worry, it warms very quickly to body temperature. Unlike plastic and silicone sex toys, ceramic pleasure tools take on temperature and retain it for up to half an hour. The temperature it is when you use it is completely down to personal preference. Some people prefer warmer sensations, some like cooler, (cool is lovely on a hot summer day). If you're new to temperature play,  I’d recommend experimenting with both to discover what works for you. You can change the temperature simply by running under warm or cold water for a few minutes. You can also warm porcelain tools easily and quickly to body temperature by holding them in your hands for a moment or two. 

How might your products change someone’s relationship with sex and sexuality?

Sexual health is more than a physical state, it encompasses mental, social, energetic and emotional wellness too, so I hope that my pieces encourage the people who use them to take their pleasure seriously and make time for play.

Beyond self-pleasure, couples often feel less threatened introducing my tools and accessories into their sex life as they feel they enhance intimacy and encourage discussions on what feels good. The fact that they are designed to be attractive as well as functional helps to minimise the sense of shame a lot of us have around performance and introducing pleasure products into your sex life.

What makes your practice "sustainable"?

Small batch production, conscious sourcing, (all the materials I use are produced in the UK,) and long product life-cycle - as in forever if you treat it right… Porcelain is non-porous and doesn’t degrade over time unlike plastics and silicone. I’ve had to make challenging decisions in some areas but I feel that I’ve made the best and most informed choices that I can while supporting my values as an artist and creator. 

What is “eco sex”?

To me, eco sex is education and responsible consumerism. Making intentional purchases that have minimal impacts. Asking yourself questions like: Is this a product for life? Does its longevity outweigh any other impacts? Consider all the options and make the best choice possible based on what is available to you and fulfills your needs. You may not be able to make the perfect choice every time but you can make an informed decision and a little effort goes a long way.

I’ve just received my piece, what happens next?

Wonderful. Thank you so much for your purchase. You should have received an instruction guide with your pleasure tool. Please ensure that you read it fully. It is important that you check the quality of your item within 24 hours of receiving your delivery. Every tool is handmade so some elements of variation should be expected.

Great care is taken in crafting your tool and I personally check each piece and make sure that it is well packaged to ensure it reaches you in its best condition. However, I have no control over how the package is handled by delivery partners. Packages can be dropped, opened at customs or mishandled by people.

To inspect your tool, remove from the packaging run your fingers across the surface. The tool should be satin-smooth across the surface without any cracks.

Due to the material being natural and the piece being handmade, there may be some irregularities but this is totally normal. If you are unsure, please email me with a video and I will check for you. Never use the tool unless you are absolutely sure that it is safe and always wash it thoroughly before and after use.

What lubricant should I use?

Natural oils that are safe for intimate use like coconut oil is recommended. Water based lubricants are the best for you and your pleasure tools. Wash with mild soap afterwards and towel dry your tool after use. Avoid acid based lubricants to ensure your piece stays in optimum condition.

How do I look after my tools?

As with any sex toy, wash by hand with a mild soap and dry properly before & after each use. Do not place them in the dishwasher as the salts in the detergents can abrade the surface and dull the finish over time. Take care when washing as they can become quite slippery and you don’t want to risk damaging the item if it slides out of your hands and onto a hard surface. Wipe dry with a clean cloth. Store in a safe place.

The pieces are thick cast and high fired to ensure durability, but if you’ve dropped or knocked your tool on a hard surface, always check for signs of damage before intimate use.

Why is everyone so excited about porosity?

Just because a material is porous, does not mean it is toxic or harmful. Unfortunately there is very little scientific research on sex toys, health and porosity so we have to employ common sense.  The least porous are ceramic, certified gemstones, glass & stainless steel. The most porous sex toy materials are rubber, jelly & plastic. If you feel unsafe using a porcelain tool you can always use with a condom.

As with any sex toy, wash by hand with a mild soap and dry properly before & after each use.

Why are some of your workshops Female identifying only?

I try to be as inclusive as possible, however some people who attend workshops are on a journey of sexual self discovery, overcoming sexual trauma or just simply don't feel comfortable creating something intimate in a mixed gender space. I began this project as a means to reclaim and celebrate my own sexuality and it's my responsibility to ensure others feel I've created a container safe enough for them to reclaim and celebrate their own.

I haven't received my order yet, what should I do?

I hand make each piece to order and I am to get them out to you as quickly as possible. Sometimes this can take up to 6 weeks before pieces are ready to ship during busy periods. If you think you should have received your order but haven't received an update please email me and I will get back to you with an update as soon as I can.  I am one person handling all the making, communications, packing and shipping so sometimes there can be oversights but I will endeavor to keep you updated and answer your questions as promptly as I can.

Where do you deliver to?

I’m based in the United Kingdom and happily ship to all destinations. Please be aware that orders to international locations are subject to potential import duties which are the responsibility of the recipient. I would recommend selecting the expedited international delivery service - it’s more expensive but you get a more reliable and accountable service.

What is your return policy?

I regret that intimate, custom or made-to-order items are non-refundable due to the intimate nature of the item and the fact that each piece is handmade specifically for you when you place an order. You can find more information on returns and exchanges here: https://adelebrydges.com/pages/returns-exchanges

Exchanges / Refunds for Workshops: Please note that workshops are non-refundable as materials and supplies are purchased and work undertaken in advance of the workshop date. If you are unable to attend, please provide a minimum of one week's notice. Cancellations made after this time will not be able to reschedule.