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“The erotic is a resource within each of us that lies in a deeply female and spiritual plane, firmly rooted in the power of our unexpressed or unrecognized feeling” - Uses of the Erotic: The Erotic as Power by Audre Lorde.

Like the best experiences, pleasure should be about the journey and not just the destination.  My work is incredibly personal to me and as much about celebrating and reclaiming my own sexuality and sovereignty as it is about inspiring others to embrace theirs.  

Working predominantly with porcelain, I combine my love of natural materials, sculpture and ceramics along with my passion for pleasure and the female experience in order to create beautiful, sensual tools and body wear; exploring sensuality, intimacy and connection through the most evocative and intimate of objects and rituals.

I established my practice in 2006 after graduating from Central St. Martin's College of Art & Design (now UAL) with a BA Hons in Ceramic Design and am currently based in Hackney Wick, East London.  Through my workshops: The Art of Pleasure (Decorate a Dildo,) I encourage others to explore their own sexuality and creativity to produce something unique and truly personal to them.  There is nothing as empowering as owning your own pleasure. 
As a slow production advocate, I favour small batch or made to order over mass production. I focus my time and energy instead on quality, sustainability and conscious sourcing.  Ceramic tools and jewellery are made by my in my London studio; each piece takes over a week to produce and leather is crafted in small batches by an independent London based leather worker.  All materials are natural and hypoallergenic and leather is responsibly sourced.
My porcelain marble collection is a place where the essence of masculine and feminine exist in harmony to create a beautiful collection of sensual tools, functional art objects and body adornments. Each piece is produced in special thick-cast, high fired, marbled porcelain known for its beauty and strength and all tools are presented in minimalist handcrafted leather packaging or organic vegan packaging. My work carries a strong visual and sensory narrative that resonates with the ideal of total art; life and art as one.

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My Process

Trusting the process… Many people make the mistake of thinking the pattern on my marbled porcelain pieces is just a surface level painting or enamel decal but it's so much more than that.
My jam is allowing the clay itself to naturally create the pattern. I mix coloured porcelain in contrasting colours and allow the flow and movement of the stained porcelain casting slip to create its own pattern as it pours and forms in the mould. I can coax and encourage the porcelain to do certain things but it’s impossible to ultimately control it or make the same marbling pattern twice and that’s what I love about these pieces.

My process is inspired by an old technique known as Agateware (or nerikomi in Japan) - the name is derived from the stone, agate, which when sliced shows multicoloured layers with intricate banding and I just love it. It means each piece is different and can’t be replicated.

If you cut my pieces in half you’ll find the pattern runs all the way through the body. Organic, unique and beautiful. 

Each design starts life as an illustration before being modeled in clay and finally hand sculpted in gypsum plaster. From this plaster model I create a mould which enables me to slip cast with liquid porcelain. The ceramic process is a lesson in mindfulness and deferred gratification: each piece takes about a week to make and success isn’t always a given. Each piece has to undergo a number of stages and extreme processes before it is finished: slip casting, fettling: (smoothing and refining the surface), drying, bisque firing, polishing, glazing, and high firing and in some cases polishing again.

I’m often asked if ceramic is the right material for pleasure tools. Ceramic has been used since time immemorial as a tried and tested material. Porcelain in particular is a very pure clay with a great tensile strength depending on your method. It's incredibly durable, hypoallergenic, smooth and firm. My pieces are very thick - in fact they're cast 3 x times longer than conventional porcelain wares and high fired to increase strength and give you more confidence when using them.

⁠Take a moment to consider ceramic and all its incredible applications... From the teacup you drink your morning tea or coffee in, the lavatory that you sit on, the hip replacement components in, the protective coverings on NASA spacecraft (due to its excellent thermal shock value and durability. Ceramic is beautiful, versatile, durable and there is nothing I'd rather make my sensual tools from.

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